Hi, I’m Eric Stevens. You may remember me from such activities as “building things with LEGO,” “eating Buffalo chicken quesadillas,” or “quoting television shows all the time.”

I like making things. This site is pretty much just stuff I’ve made. You may have found it because you saw one of my LEGO projects on a website like Vanity Fair,  or The AV Club, or on News 8 or WXXI if you live in upstate New York’s greatest city. Occasionally, I make hilarious topical and local jokes under my alter-ego, @MonorailMidtown on Twitter.  Maybe you saw the URL at the top of my résumé, because I applied to work for your really great company doing that really interesting job you have available, or because you’re my mom and probably searched to make sure no one said anything bad about me online. (They did. Just click those links and scroll all the way down to “Comments.”)

But no matter how you got here, you’re here now. Take a look around. Maybe you’ll see something you like. Maybe you won’t. If you do see something, and you like it so much you want to pay for the privilege of seeing it in your own home, there is also a page at the top that will help you make that happen, and help me pay for more LEGO, quesadillas, and television shows.

Garrison with Eric & INO

Garrison Starr with Eric Stevens & In Name Only. Photo by Alex Shukof.