Creative Writing in Customer Support

I recently ordered a set of Pyrex dishes from the good people at Woot. Unfortunately, one of them arrived broken. Knowing Woot appreciates creative writing, this was my note to them.

That morning was hard for me. When I woke up, she was gone, leaving no note, no explanation, just emptiness. As I dragged myself to the kitchen, hoping to pack a lunch to sustain myself throughout the meaningless day without her ahead, I discovered that she had left me in a position worse than I had imagined. As I scooped the sad, cold linguine with red sauce from its couple-sized container, I looked about the kitchen for a heartbroken loner-sized glass dish… but found that as she fled the house, our house, she had taken only her clothes and our collection of Pyrex dishes. How was I to go on living? The red sauce would stain our… my, rather, plastic storage containers, and without the durability and heat-resistance of Pyrex, every heaving sob would put the remains of our last meal together in jeopardy.

How fortunate I was to find a fine collection of dishes available for such a reasonable price. I eagerly ordered, hoping to fill my now-empty cabinet with a cheery collection of colorful lids and strong glass bowls. After days of anticipation, the sight of the package on my doorstep elicited emotions stronger than I’ve felt since she left. As I eagerly rushed to pick it up, my elation was quickly replaced with dread. As I tipped the box to its side, wave crashed against its inner wall like a great wave crashing against a seaside cliff. I trudged up the stairs to my home, fighting back tears, reminded of how quickly those we love can come into, and once again leave our lives. I gingerly placed the box on my dining room table, and peered inside. Like a mother dog, the postal service had delivered nine precious, delicate babes to my doorstep, but sadly, one had not survived.

I turned to Pyrex to provide me strength in my time of weakness, but I never thought it would inspire me to find the strength within myself.

This is my story, primates of Woot. I hope you will find it in your hearts to help me in my time of need.