Slipping Through Your Fingers: Kylo Ren’s Path to the Chancellor’s Award

Slipping Through Your Fingers web.png

After his breakthrough performance in “The Force Awakens,” a documentary crew follows Kylo Ren as he prepares to fulfill his destiny and receive the Chancellor’s Award.


I submitted this short for the 2016 Star Wars Fan Film Awards. Sound effects and music were provided by Lucasfilm (per contest rules), with the exception of the Force effect, which I created by slowing and down-pitching a purring cat, the same technique as the sound designer for The Force Awakens.




LEGO Community: The Study Room

LEGO Community

LEGO Community

Group Study Room F at Greendale Community College, the setting for fan-favorite TV series Community. More photos (with minifigure cast) available in my Flickr album.

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