‘Tis The (Mid) Season: Television’s Greatest Christmas Episodes

Mid-December. There’s snow (or maybe potato flakes) on the ground, you’re scrambling to buy your last-minute Christmas gifts, and, worst of all, all of your shows have gone on midseason break, not to return until January… if you’re lucky.

Sure, there are network TV specials, but John Legend will only get you so far. That marathon of Harry Potter  movies isn’t really Christmas, and you’re not actually going to watch The Christmas Prince on Netflix, right?

The obvious answer is “go watch some classic Christmas episodes.” I’m not claiming that these are the “best” episodes, but they are some of my favorite shows and I have unquestionably good taste.


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Good-Bye, Neighborino: Harry Shearer Leaves The Simpsons | Popculturology.com

Good-Bye, Neighborino: Harry Shearer Leaves THE SIMPSONS

The news from Springfield today is certainly not “excellent.” Harry Shearer is leaving The Simpsons. On Twitter, Shearer quoted The Simpsons executive producer James L. Brooks’ lawyer as his reason for not resigning for the 27th season and beyond.
Shearer’s list of characters is extensive, notably including Simpson family neighbor Ned Flanders. Ned has been attached to two previous cast departures: his wife, Maude, was killed after actor Maggie Roswell left the series (though the character was briefly recast), and his second wife, Springfield Elementary teacher Edna Krabappel, was retired with an off-screen death following the death of actor Marcia Wallace.

Other recurring characters include Mr. Burns, owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, as well as his assistant, Waylon Smithers; Dr. Hibbert;, Homer’s drinking buddy Lenny Leonard; newsman Kent Brockman; Principal Seymour Skinner; police officer Eddie; music teacher Mr. Largo; bus driver Otto Mann; and Reverend Lovejoy. Shearer has voiced dozens of other one-time characters and celebrity impressions.

Losing these characters — and in one fell swoop, no less — would leave the series crippled. These supporting characters have been integral to the series since the first season. Some will continue to appear on show, and will be “recast with the finest voiceover talent available,” according to executive producer Al Jean.
“Harry Shearer was offered the same deal the rest of the cast accepted and passed. We wish him well but the show will go on. Maggie took it hard,” Jean told Hitfix. “Yes, Burns and Flanders will not die. They are great characters and will continue.”

There have been rumors of castmembers leaving for many years, some with more credibility than others. After twenty six seasons, it is surprising that there have not been more cast departures.

The Simpsons’ 26th season finale airs this Sunday on Fox.

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